About Us


ICE's Mission

The mission of Illinois Computing Educators is to lead the educational community in enhancing learning through technology.

ICE's Vision

Illinois Computing Educators is the leader in supporting and promoting innovative education for all.

ICE's Goals

  • Professional Development: Support and provide professional development opportunities in educational technology through collaborative communities.
  • Advocacy: Build relationships with other organizations by being the premier education technology visionary and voice for Illinois.
  • Leadership: Forge partnerships to advance 21st century digital literacy.
  • Membership / Chapter Development: Increase ICE membership by creating new chapters and affiliations, attracting new members, and strengthening existing chapters.
  • Outreach / External Communications: Become the recognized educational technology portal.
  • Fundraising / Sponsorships: Increase funding through partnership, sponsorship, membership and grant writing.
  • Collaboration / Internal Communication: Improve collaboration and communication for members through print and interactive tools.

ICE Office

Welcome to the Illinois Computing Educators organization (ICE). ICE is an organizational affiliate of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). If you would like more information about ICE, please contact:

Amber Heffner
Executive Director
777 Army Trail Blvd.
Addison, Illinois 60101
Phone: 630-628-1088
Fax: 630-628-5388  

Jenna Hnilo
Marketing & Events Program Coordinator
777 Army Trail Blvd.
Addison, Illinois 60101
Phone: 630-628-1088
Fax: 630-628-5388

Rod McQuality
Finance & Resource Manager
777 Army Trail Blvd.
Addison, Illinois 60101
Phone: 630-628-1088
Fax: 630-628-5388

Vanessa Nelson
Administrative Assistant
777 Army Trail Blvd.
Addison, Illinois 60101
Phone: 630-628-1088
Fax: 630-628-5388

ICE Executive Board Members
Brianna Allen President
John Closen President-Elect
Nicole Zumpano Past President
Mike McGowan  Secretary
Tim McIlvain  Treasurer


ICE Governing Board Members
Amy Lamberti  Conference Co-Chair 
David Chan Conference Co-Chair
Tom Gross ISLMA Representative
Maureen Chertow Miller IETL Representative
Kim Darche Professional Development Committee Chair
Rick McCall Professional Development Committee Chair
Phil Hintz Advocacy Chair
Angie Sutherland Awards Co-Chair
Deb Thomson  Awards Co-Chair
Joanna Carroll TECH 2018 Co-Chair
Toni Hotzfield TECH 2018 Co-Chair
Jerry Swedberg At-Large Member


Chapter Representatives
Heather Giles DeICE (Joliet and surrounding areas)
Vanessa Witherill  entICE (West Central IL area)
Joan Kane  ICE-CAP (Chicago area)
Toni Hotzfield  ICE-CHIP (South Suburban area)
Erin Preder ICE-COLD (West Suburban area)
Joanna Carroll  ICE-HOI (Illinois River Counties / Peoria area)
Jim Peterson IllinICE (Bloomington/Normal area)
Mindy Fiscus ICE-SI (Southern Illinois)
Matt Sly  MICE (Champaign/Rantoul area)
Bo Warmbold  NICE (Northern suburban area)
Chris Wherley SpICE (Springfield area)
Dallas Turner SLICE (Rockford area)
Lisa Schwartz WICE (West Districts of IL) 


ICE: A Brief History

In 1986, a group of approximately 30 educators met to discuss the possibility of forming a statewide organization for computer-using educators. Since its inception, ICE has steadily grown. The organization has continually expanded its membership and has shown leadership in encouraging the development, growth and use of technology in all facets of the educational process. ICE has come a long way in a short time. It will continue to grow and change based on the needs of its members. The dedication and energy that has characterized ICE in the past will continue to make it the viable, important organization that it is today.

Past Presidents of the Illinois Computing Educators
2016-2017 Nicole Zumpano
2015-2016 Jerry Swedberg
2014-2015 Charlene Chausis
2013-2014 Randy Hansen
2012-2013 Anne Truger
2011-2012 Nadine Norris
2010-2011 Phil Lacey
2009-2010 Lorie Ferguson
2008-2009 Ginger Long
2007-2008 Kathleen Molloy
2006-2007 Judith Satkiewicz
2005-2006 Penny Swartz
2004-2005 Patricia Haughney
2003-2004 Sharnell Jackson
2002-2003 Phyllis Rieman
2001-2002 Connie Hodson
2000-2001 Kathy Bjelland
1999-2000 Guy Ballard
1998-1999 Andy Glowaty
1997-1998 Penny Kelly
1996-1997 Bonnie Thurber
1995-1996 Gerry Zeller
1994-1995 Frada Boxer
1993-1994 Tom Bookler
1992-1993 Jim Flanagan
1991-1992 Faith Caron
1990-1991 Mike Warner
1989-1990 Penny Ellsworth
1988-1989 Sam Ritchie
1987-1988  Sharon Pikul