About Us

NICE is a local chapter of Illinois Computing Educators (ICE) and serves ICE members in the northeastern counties of Illinois.

Membership: Members of Illinois Computing Educators that designate or are assigned to NICE as their local chapter automatically become members of NICE.

NICE Executive Board: 2015-2016

President Caren Kimbarovsky
President-Elect David Chan
Recording Secretary Tricia Lazzaro
Treasurer Jason Meltzer
Communications Charlene Chausis
Mini-Conference Co-Chair Mina Marien 
Mini-Conference Co-Chair Marci Faust
Past President Ryan Bretag
Member-at-Large Briana Allen, Helen Lazzaro, Jill Maraldo, & Maureen Miller


NICE began as a doctoral project of Marianne Handler. She felt that technology leaders needed to have a vehicle for networking so she brought together a group of teachers and coordinators at the NCISC (North Cook Intermediate Service Center) for monthly meetings where we shared ideas and concerns. About the same time, ICE, which held general meetings in Lombard on Saturday mornings, developed the idea of dividing its membership into Chapters, which would hold their own smaller group meetings. As you have guessed, Marianne's networking group became the basis for NICE, since they were all members of ICE. John Sonnenberg came up with the name NICE which, of course, was the springboard for other ICE chapters...SPICE, MICE, RICE, DICE, etc. NICE took volunteers for officers...and that is how Nancy Akred became the first President, with the stipulation that Marianne Handler would succeed her as soon as she finished her doctorate. NICE was small but mighty in the beginning, and it has certainly come a long way in both program offerings and size. Past presidents - Nancy Akred, Marianne Handler, Darlene Andre, Frada Boxer, Terry Slocum, Allan Stern, Bonnie Thurber, Linda Anstine, Chris Hansen, Phyllis Geren, Lori Abrahams, Penny Swartz, Dick Marchessault, Pat Haughney, Tom Donovan, Barney Ricca, Pat Reich, Judy Gressel, Michelle Russell, Jeff Shaw, Vinnie Vrotny, Charlene Chausis, Maureen Miller, Briana Allen, Jill Maraldo, and Ryan Bretag.

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