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 TECH2018 Student Technology Showcase

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Press Coverage

Newspapers across the state of Illinois have printed or posted news articles with information about the student/teacher teams that participated in the TECH 2018 and previous TECH 20XX events. Here are brief summaries of the articles with links to the full articles on the newspaper websites:

  • Digital Learning in Action: TECH 2018 Showcase

    If you have any doubts that digital learning is transforming education, look no further than these presentations from students at Illinois’ TECH 2018 event this year: Robots in the Art Room, Cause and Effect Rube Goldberg Machines, #VBC: Virtual Book Clubs, Using AR to Visualize Research Findings. For the second year in a row, our team had the privilege of attending this annual event that showcases outstanding technology projects from students across Illinois. (May 24, 2018) Read the complete article.

  • Marshall Students Present at Illinois State Capitol
    Joliet Public Schools District 86 Technology Coach Lisa Lynch joined A.O. Marshall Elementary School Fifth Grade Teacher Vanessa McNeff and her students Xavier Poole and Jasmine Cervantes at TECH 2018 Conference at the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield. (May 15, 2018) Read the complete article.
  • Hart students show off STEM talents for Illinois legislators
    In the two short years the James Hart School Smart Lab has been open, students at the Homewood school have mastered technology and on May 10 they showed off projects at the Tech 2018 Illinois program at the Illinois State Capitol. (May 15, 2018) Read the complete article. 
  • 2nd Graders Present Tech project in Springfield Capitol

    The annual TECH 2018 Students for the Informational Age event was held on Tuesday, May 10, 2018 at the Illinois State Capitol Building in Springfield. More than 100 schools throughout Illinois were represented. Our students demonstrated electronic books chronicling the lives of various seniors in the community. (May 10, 2018)  Read the complete article.

  • Students taking tech to capital
    Students and teachers from select schools statewide will demonstrate to state lawmakers creative ways technology is being used within and outside the classroom next Thursday in Springfield. (May 4, 2018) Read the complete article.

  • Churchville Students Participate In TECH 2018 Demonstration
    Churchville students will participate in an annual technology event next month. The annual Students for the Information Age TECH 2018 event will be held on Thursday, May 10, from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. and from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Illinois State Capitol Building in Springfield, where hundreds of students and teachers will represent schools from throughout the state. (April 20, 2018) Read the complete article.

  • PJHS to be taking part at TECH event
    Since the introduction of a STEAM curriculum, Pontiac Junior High School has been at the forefront of combining cutting edge technology with education. On May 10, several PJHS students will get a chance to show off 3D printing skills they’ve learned in class at the Illinois State Capitol Building before members of the public and the two Illinois General Assembly chambers for the annual “Students for the Information Age” TECH 2018 event. (April 19, 2018) Read the complete article.
  • Harrisburg High School has role in state tech fest
    A Harrisburg teacher and two students will present a program on how technology can aid genealogical research, at a statewide tech conference to be held in Springfield in May. (April 18, 2018)  Read the complete article.


Each year, we hear back from participants who tell us how much they enjoyed the experience in Springfield. Here are a few testimonials from participants from past events:

  • "These kids were fearless and they did such a wonderful job interviewing different people with different perspectives on being at the Capitol Building. Sometimes it is hard to believe they are only 5th graders!  The ICE committee and its members did an outstanding job organizing and running the event. Thank you to all of them." - Ramona Towner, Instructional Coach, Berwyn SD 100

  • "My students and I had a fabulous time.  It was one of the best experiences of my teaching career and my students agreed that It was a great experience for them.  I was extremely proud of how they interacted with everyone that stopped by our demonstration.  Thanks again, it was truly a memorable experience." - Dr. Nancy Blechle, Pinckneyville High School

  • "Just wanted to tell you THANK YOU for everything you and the rest of the Committee did to organize and arrange for TECH 2012.  As always, it was so well organized and ran so smoothly from a participant's viewpoint... I am sure that we have no idea of all the work that went into this event.  However, I did want to tell you thank you .... it was most appreciated."  - Mary Iffert, Jefferson School, Wheaton

  • "Just wanted to thank YOU for a great event. This year was even BETTER than last year! The project was wonderful for my students to develop, but it was the social interactions and connections they made in Springfield that threw us over the top. We had a surprise visit from Thomas Morrison who informed us that the district is being redrawn and that he will have a "slice" of our area. He gave us a private tour of the chambers and the kids sat in his chair to "vote." Senator Matt Murphy was the first to visit at 1pm sharp. My youngest student was selected to introduce our group to him. She was jumping up and down when she saw him, and he commented that, "My wife doesn't even greet me like that after work!" Representative David Harris patiently waited for us to finish our tour in the chambers and stayed to speak with each of my students until 3 pm. Representative Mathias sent his aide to discuss the project with us, as he was working in our District (3 hours away). It was so kind of him to worry about seeing us while working in another location. Lastly, our Principal drove the 3.5 hours by herself to spend some time with us -- she ended up staying the full 3 hours we were there and then drove back to Arlington for a school fundraiser in the evening. WOW!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this event. It's not often enough that my students are treated like rock stars."  - Laura Ward, Windsor Elementary School, Arlington Heights

  • "This was our third year participating in TECH 20xx and it was by far the best! We got all the information we needed up front, check in was so quick, and we had tons of traffic to our table, even at the end of a hallway! I was so impressed with the ease of the day this year. From application to demonstration, the whole process felt more streamlined and organized this year. Thanks for a great experience!" - Anonymous
  • "The most memorable event of the year for our school, and a once in a lifetime opportunity for our students!  One of our students was overheard quietly gazing up at the rotunda saying, "I can't believe I'm here. This is amazing!" Thank you so much for organizing this event!" - Anonymous

  • "This was our first Tech2018 event and we loved it! What an amazing opportunity for the students. It was our 6th graders birthday and she left Springfield exclaiming, "BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!" We appreciate all of the support and help form the Tech Co-Chairs in answering our questions as newbies. Our tech team looks forward to Tech2019 and the chance to share more!" - Molly Larson, Scullen Middle School, Naperville

  • "We had a great time and think this is a wonderful opportunity for our students. We believe that this is a project that will bring awareness to those in government and the hope is, that we will receive much needed funding in the classroom to assist us with bringing more technology to our students. Thank you for sponsoring this event."  - Stephen Lopez, Michelle Obama School of Technology and the Arts, Park Forest