TECH2018 Student Technology Showcase

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Springfield, Illinois

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What is TECH 2018

The purpose of TECH 2018 is to increase awareness of the critical role technology plays in preparing students to succeed in today’s world by offering students throughout Illinois an opportunity to demonstrate their innovative uses of technology while highlighting the need for increased funding to support equitable and meaningful access to educational technology. From elementary to the high school classrooms, technology is the enabling tool of the modern learning environment, expanding the boundaries of the classroom while promising to transform all aspects of learning. TECH 2018 highlights the crucial role that technology plays in education -- ranging from increases in collaboration and critical thinking, to promoting learning beyond the limits of the school day -- by creating a space for students to share their learning and innovative uses of devices, the internet, and digital curriculum. 



The Digital Promise

Personal devices, the internet, and digital content are the enabling tools of the modern learning environment, expanding the boundaries of the classroom while promising to transform all aspects of learning. For instance, teachers, students, and parents are provided access to tools and resources that promote accountability, communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. Digital resources and curriculum offer dynamic, engaging, and affordable content to enhance or even replace traditional print-based resources. Blended and flipped classrooms extend the classroom beyond the limits of the school day, promoting increased student-centered and self-directed learning opportunities that put educational resources directly into the hands of students. As a result of the ubiquitous nature of technology in education, there are increased opportunities for data-driven decisions that allow policy makers and educators to evaluate existing practices and implement targeted changes that accelerate student growth. While schools continue to struggle with the growing costs of technology and limited outside funding, TECH 2018 gives our teachers and students a voice to influence their future and increase awareness of the importance of technology in schools.

TECH 2018 Event -- Demonstrations for Legislators in State Capitol

Since 1990, students and teachers have set up demonstration tables at the Capitol building in Springfield, Illinois, to show elected officials, business leaders, and the general public how technology is being used in schools.

The TECH 2018 event strives to present classroom technology projects from across the state of Illinois. All schools and districts in Illinois are invited to apply to participate. 

Application Process

All schools throughout Illinois were invited to apply to participate in TECH 2018.  Applications for TECH 2018 were accepted through March 8, 2018.  School teams were selected in mid-March to represent a balanced distribution between legislative districts, grade levels and curricular areas.  Preference was given to those projects that demonstrated improved teaching and learning through the use of technology. 

View the TECH 2018 Schools

You may view the TECH 2018 brochure or contact the TECH 2018 Co-Chairs at [email protected] if you would like more information about this event.

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